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Gignac Architects has been proud to provide architectural design services since 1988 for a wide range of applications. Our goal is to create beautiful, functional spaces that are cost-effective and are delivered in a timely manner. Our award-winning designs are produced by considering a number of influences including physical, economic, and cultural context and the long-term goals of a client.


Our firm prides itself in creating unique, comfortable indoor environments. Our certified interior designers have the experience to create beautiful spaces that are code compliant and handicap accessible. More importantly, we take into account lighting, color, and acoustics to produce a seamless blend of interior finishes. From walls and floors to furniture and fixtures, Gignac Architects has the solutions for your interior spaces.

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Through a deep understanding of local and regional flora, Gignac Architects provides landscape design services including plant and tree selection, placement, and irrigation. Our landscape design services correlate directly with our planning services to ensure that our clients’ landscapes are healthy and beautiful now and in the future.


Gignac Architects’ ability to balance current conditions with potential development opportunities allows us to create efficient masterplans for campuses, communities, urban areas, and facilities. Our knowledge of infrastructure and regulatory requirements helps us to effectively plan and prepare for the future and unforeseen circumstances, allowing for growth and expansion as required by our clients.

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At Gignac Architects, we strive to make permitting the easiest part of your construction process. We are experienced in guiding you through the Building Permit requirements and processes in several jurisdictions all across the State of Texas. Whether State, City or County regulations, we will make recommendations based upon our experience to make sure your Building Permit gets approved. From pre-development meeting to final Building Permit, allow us to navigate the process so you can obtain the approvals you need.


Our decades of combined construction administration experience span the spectrum of project types, from small residential projects, to large-scale educational facilities, convention centers, and arenas. Gignac Architects pledge to represent its clients does not end at design. We continue to ensure that our clients’ interests come first throughout construction of a project, until a complete, exemplary product is ready for the owner to occupy.

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SUSTAINABILITY services & Strategies

As members of the United States Green Building Council, Gignac & Associates is responsible for designing the first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified facilities in the Corpus Christi area. However, our firm believes that sustainable building elements such as optimal building orientation, daylighting, renewable materials, and high-performance mechanical systems are an integral part of all quality architectural design. We have a track record of incorporating “green” design features into our plans as a part of our standard design services.

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